Call For Papers

Topics of the conference
ICSI 2022 is an opportunity for academics, students, scholars, scientists, engineers and other stakeholders from around the world to come together and exchange ideas about new advances and research results in the fields of sustainable infrastructure. Topics of interest for paper submission include, but are not limited to:

Sustainable construction technologies and management
- Smart construction materials
- Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering
- Economics and management of sustainable infrastructure projects
- Management capacity for sustainable infrastructure
- Disaster mitigation and restoration

Sustainable road engineering and transportation system
- Green highways and pavement technology
- Sustainable transportation infrastructure
- Optimization of transportation systems
- Logistic management
- Socio-economic impacts of emerging transportation technologies

Green design and architecture
- Sustainable and livable cities
- Eco-design and eco-friendly development
- Sustainable housing and compact urban neighborhoods
- Traditional neighborhoods design/neotraditional design
- Landscape architecture, productive urban landscape and urban farming

Water and environmental engineering
- Water resources and river basin management
- Irrigation and drainage engineering
- New and renewable energy sources
- Innovative processes of solid waste and wastewater treatment
- Environmental restoration and ecological engineering

Geotechnical engineering
- Soil and rock mechanics and characterization
- Geosynthetics and geo-products
- Geotechnical infrastructure
- Geohazards and their preventions
- Modelling and design in geotechnical engineering

Development of human resources in sustainable infrastructure
- Engineering education and training (including curriculum and teaching methodologies)
- Skills development for infrastructure employment
- Relationship of education, training, and work
- Ethical aspects in infrastructure development