Submission and Publication

Paper Submission

Author(s) may choose to submit the paper as an EXTENDED ABSTRACT first or directly as a FULL PAPER. Please submit the abstract or full paper through our submission system. Please submit your paper through our submission system. Before submitting your paper, firstly you have to register to the conference HERE
  • Fill the form to create your account!
  • ​Then, open your email and follow the instruction to activate your account !
  • You can make submission after your account is activated.
An EXTENDED ABSTRACT should be a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 400 words. It must give a clear indication of the objectives, scope, method, and (if available) results of the research. No figures or tables are allowed in extended abstract. Your extended abstract will be delivered to our peer-reviewers and you will get the results within a week.

If you choose to submit a FULL PAPER, the manuscript must give a clear indication of the objectives, scope, method, and results of the paper. It must contain an abstract, an introduction, a results/discussion section, and a reference section. Template for full paper submission is provided in the DOWNLOAD section.

Accepted PAPERS (after carefully reviewed by our peer reviewers) will be published by AIP (American Institute of Physics) Conference Proceedings. If you choose to submit an EXTENDED ABSTRACT first, please kindly consider the due date for the FULL PAPER submission (see Important Dates section).
To be published in the conference proceeding, although you choose to submit your EXTENDED ABSTRACT, you are required to PRESENT the paper in  the Conference. Oral presentation (via video conference meeting) during the Conference will be limited to 12 minutes/paper including Q and A.